Music 1Music is an essential component of a Pioneer Meadows Montessori education. In Children’s House, children as young as 2 years 9 months old are exposed to the full Montessori music curriculum. This includes singing; experiments with sound; note matching and naming; beginning notation; activities to introduce pentatonic, chromatic, and diatonic scales; and movement, rhythm, and listening activities.

In elementary, children begin playing recorder at about 6 years old. They are also encouraged to pursue private instruction. All children play in various ensembles throughout their elementary years. We offer ensembles of mixed recorders, recorders and strings, string instruments, and brass instruments, and we have an orchestra group.

We don’t relegate music to a day of the week or a time of the day—students are encouraged to practice their instruments anytime, and to form spontaneous groups throughout the day.

The Montessori music curriculum includes music history, notation, theory, and performance. Children perform several times a year: They sing and play folk and fiddle music at our annual barn dance in the fall, host a holiday concert in December, and present a spring performance in May or June. They also periodically hold individual recitals and chamber music performances.