Like most independent schools, Pioneer Meadows Montessori's (PMM) Annual Giving program, The Fund for Pioneer Meadows Montessori, is instrumental in supporting school programs and services by covering operational costs. Tuition alone doesn't cover these kinds of costs. The giving program not only helps keep tuition as low as possible, but it gives families and friends the opportunity to make a significant difference in the quality of education offered by PMM.
The Fund for Pioneer Meadows Montessori is a yearly initiative and we hope will be a cornerstone in our fundraising at the school. Our goal is 100 percent participation from all Montessori families. Gifts and donations are “unrestricted,” which means that the school is allowed to allocate funds where they are needed most, and they help PMM continue its unique educational mission. The fund is a vital resource in supporting such things as:
  • Expenses associated with enrichment activities (art, music, language study, and outdoor education)
  • Building, equipment, and grounds maintenance
  • Professional development

One of the most important ways families and friends support our special school are through contributions made to our annual fund, The Fund for Pioneer Meadows Montessori. This support from current families, grandparents, staff/faculty, and friends helps continue the legacy of diversity, leadership, and excellence critical to the education of our students.

What is the annual fund?
The annual fund was established in 2010 as a yearly fundraising appeal designed to support Pioneer Meadows Montessori's (PMM) operating budget. In order to balance the budget each year, all constituents – parents, alumni, former parents, grandparents, and friends of Pioneer Meadows – are solicited for contributions to the annual fund.

Why not just raise tuition to cover the amount funded through annual gifts?
PMMS values diversity. If tuition was increased to cover the actual cost of all programs, many families could not afford to send their children here. And remember, contributions to the annual fund may be tax-deductible, but tuition increases are not.

Why is the annual fund needed to balance the budget?
The annual fund is designed to help bridge the gap between operating expenses and income from tuition. The support of parents, friends, and even corporations enables PMM to fund our programs – or even begin new ones – as well as maintain our facilities. These programs would not have been possible within the school budget. With your annual fund support, we hope to continue meeting the intellectual, physical, and social needs of all those who attend PMM.

Why is 100 percent parent participation important?
Through participation in school events, volunteerism, and commitment to the annual fund, our school community demonstrates to its students and faculty the high value it places on a Pioneer Meadows Montessori education. Above and beyond the obvious economic benefit to PMMS, full participation is an important criterion that foundations and charitable organizations use when allocating donations and grants.

My company offers matching gifts program. Would the school be interested in this program?
Yes. Matching gift programs are a great and easy way to increase your gift. Please check the matching gift box on the donor card and include the appropriate form if your employer offers matching gifts.

How much should I give?
Of course this is a personal decision and only you can decide. Some families will be able to give more and some will give less. As a supporter of PMM, we hope you will make the Annual Fund a priority and give to the maximum extent that you are able.


Your gift, no matter how large or small, is vitally important in helping PMM reach its goal.

Your gift may be tax-deductible. We encourage you to give as generously as you can.