Position:  Head of School

Reports To:  Board of Directors

Supervises:  All staff

Interfaces With:  Staff, children, parents, family members, and the community



AMI Montessori Certified

Extensive Montessori teaching experience


Genuine Leadership Skills:

Exudes both charisma and kindness

Able to sell the school and its mission to the greater community

Enthusiastic and experienced public speaker

Clear communicator and active listener

Experience managing adults

Connects well with children


Description: The Head of School is responsible for all aspects of the school—pedagogical and operational —and especially the philosophic integrity to preserve the highest standards of Montessori excellence through the school.  

The Head of School holds the school community to the Association Montessori Internationale standards. Duties include: 

Ensures a Montessori Prepared Environment for areas of the campus

Oversees all areas of the program 

Develops and delivers parent education program with the participation of the teachers 

Implements educational policies 

Keeps abreast of education trends and research 

Produces written materials explaining Montessori Philosophy 

Attends professional development conferences

The Head of School works directly with the Faculty and Staff to support their development as Montessori professionals. Duties include:

Defines and employs competent personnel 

Designs/oversees new employee orientation/training 

Supervises and evaluates faculty and staff, including contract renewals 

Serves as a resource to faculty, assistants, and staff 

Provides staff with community-building opportunities

Collaborates with the Learning Support teachers to provide weekly observations and consultations in the classroom

Supports teachers in preparing newsletters and other mailings for families.

Provides literature for professional development 

Plans and conducts in-service days 

Arranges staff meetings, workshops and training 

Tends lovingly to staff morale through communication and dialogue as well as community-building activities.

Facilitates decision making process

Documents critical meetings involving staff and/or families 

Oversees record keeping systems of teachers 

The Head of School supports the development of children directly and indirectly, working with classroom teachers and assistants, the Learning Support teacher and families. Duties include:

Responsible for the safety and well-being of children 

Facilitates children’s transitions from one level to the next

Reviews/Approves student application reports as they transition out of the school.

Collaborates with Learning Support teacher and classroom teachers in making sure evaluations and extra services are available for children who need them.  

Collaborates with Learning Support teacher to provide training and extra support for classroom teachers and families to meet individual student needs.

Collaborates with Learning Support teacher in recruiting consultants for children with special needs.

The Head of School works directly with the parents as they support their children in development. Duties include: 

Designs and participates in New Parent Orientation 

Documents critical meetings with families in support of the teacher 

Encourages school community thinking 

Reviews tuition assistance application

Works collaboratively with the Business Operations Administrator to creates comprehensive, strategic fundraising plan that includes parent community involvement and compliments Montessori principals

The Head of School works with the Board to educate and support their work of maintaining the integrity and the financial stability of the school. Duties include:

Provides monthly report to the Board of Directors on current projects and progress toward goals 

Provides monthly rundown of the budget to the Board of Directors

Reviews yearly calendar of Business Operations Administrator for Board approval

Attends Board meetings as a non-voting member 

Attends Board committee meetings

Participates in long-range strategic planning 

Alerts Board of issues requiring attention

Encourages staff to share input with Board committees

Communicates Board policy changes to community

Develops with Board fundraising plans beyond parent community

Works with Business Operations Administrator to prepare annual budget with input from the teaching and administrative staff for approval of the Board. This duty includes: 

Setting tuition rates 

Defining and executing enrollment objectives 

The Head of School orchestrates the relationship of the school with the broader community. Duties include: 

Participates in community events and programs

Acts as school spokesperson 

Develops and implements community enrichment programs 

Cultivates partnerships with outside organizations 

Liaisons with educational institutions and associations

The Head of School superintends the administrative staff with the details of school management. Duties include

Fiscal responsibilities

Supervises accounting tasks 



Bill Paying


Monitors budget versus actual documents

Administers Equitable Employee Compensation System


Maintains day-to-day operations efficiency

Supervises maintenance of equipment, buildings, and grounds

Responsible for safety/health/well-being of children and adults

Creates and maintains Procedure Manual for all administrative duties for continuity of the organization

Analyzes and prepares Operations Materials

Provides information and support to Board of Directors as requested

Coordinates enrollment and re-enrollment 

Supervises volunteer program

Manages logistics of fundraising plans carried out by Administrative staff, teachers, parents, and Board of Directors

Manages logistics of social and community events

Maintains permanent files for all corporate documents

Maintains current and archived files for all financial and business documents 

Human Resources

Ensures all personnel files are maintained

Ensures accuracy for Staff Handbook (including updates)

Schedules monthly staff meetings

Documents critical meetings involving staff, teachers, and families

Prepares contract renewals


Oversees the design advertising, update of the websites and brochures by administrative staff

Manages administrative staff to put out summer mailings

 Conducts the final draft for press releases to relevant local media

Ensures Maintenance of computer, Internet, electronic file storage, and telecommunications systems.

Defines and contracts consultants for technology needs.

Ensures compliance

Ensures maintenance of student records (OSPI)

Files annual OSPI required enrollment reports

Ensures compliance with Accrediting Bodies

Ensures compliance with city/county and state regulations

Keeps abreast of legislation/state licensing regulations