Pioneer Meadows Montessori

Our Pioneer Meadows campus on Douglas Road in Ferndale has four-classroom schoolhouse that was built in 2011 and is home to two Children’s House and two Elementary classrooms, each with its own outdoor deck/learning area. Children can move freely from the indoor to outdoor spaces throughout their day. The outdoor classrooms have child-sized work benches, tables, and supplies for educational activities. Here, children can help care for organic gardens, a small fruit tree orchard, and native and wildflower gardens.

We also have a small barn and paddock that’s home to several Shetland sheep, and a chicken coop. The Community Room building next to the school has a kitchen, and hosts a wide variety of events, including performances, parent meetings, music lessons, parent education nights, Soupy Friday lunches that welcome student’s family members, and other events related to the school community.

The campus overlooks grassy meadows and, in the distance, Mt. Baker, an 11,000-foot snowcapped mountain in the North Cascades.


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